Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lemon-cream dream…

I am writing a bit off the topic of food today. But I really wanted to share the progress of the new room of my own with all of you. I am going to takea day or two off blogging over this long US holiday weekend to work on my dream bedroom.

This afternoon I just finished painting the walls with a fresh new color. The paint color took a long time in the choosing, back and forth with sample paints, trying them on the walls that get sun and those that are always in shadows. I can tell you that many, MANY hours were spent in choosing just the right hues and tones. (Life can throw you many a curve, but there is always color choices that can help to take you mind off the curvy-ness and set you right for a bit.)

Finally, after making friends with nearly every person at the paint store, I chose two shades of paint in creamy tones, one neutral and one that reminds you of a soft lemon-cream.
(Yes, OK, so my foodie persona does spill over to my architect-designer side…)

Two walls receive very little light, so those I painted them with the lighter neutral tone and the wall that gets the lovely morning sun, in a slightly more lemony shade that bounces the sun to other two walls. (Yes, there are four walls, but one wall is primarily walk-in closets with dark doors. But this contrast give the room a nice balance and warmth.)

I have to say that my paint trial were so far a success...
The effect of morning light on lemon-cream will be an energizing way to begin my day.
And tonight , with the the soft light of the tall paper-shaded Japonaise lamps, (I bought on sale at IKEA), the room softens to a pearl-hued haven to welcome my weary bones to rest.

After the painted walls were dry, I hung airy new crème brûlée toned curtains that I hope will let in the the right amount of lighting in the morning and yet keep me secluded in the evening. The drapes looked so lifeless in their plastic sacks, but emerged as ethereal beings to add their charm to the atmosphere that I am working to create.

Tomorrow, I await the carpet cleaning dudes to work their magic.
I have high hopes that they will revive my two year-old rug from a semi-sad mottled moppet back to the former soft and svelte créme fraîche perfection under my feet.

Then, the long awaited arrival of the sleek, dark licorice oriental charms of the Japonaise styled bedroom furniture. In essence, it will appear, in its furniture sense, much like this image I am posting from the furniture showroom. But that image is cooler, more perfect and more sophisticated than I tend to be. I want to warm this sleek, chic image with my own personality and eclectic flavors.

But, after all, the furniture will be just the basic hardware around where I will finally make this truly a room of my own…a home.

P.S. I promise to post an image of the real finished space as soon as I am able.
And then, I will get back to the food…
I know that you are just all here for the food.

Merci beaucoup, to you all for listening to my design musings.


Camera Crazy said...

I'm not only here for the food. It is so funny how different people operate. I woke up one Saturday morning, decided it was time to paint the kitchen, and bought some paint. I am not one to labor over these things and I must admit I was seduced by the name: Captivating Cream. When Bruce arrived home I had two walls done. Your new furniture looks spectacular; I can't wait to see your beautiful take on it. Did the curtains come from Ikea? I think they have some marvelous ones.

A Brush with Color said...

I'm not only here for the food either! I like any photos, and I'm loving your descriptions of "creme-brulee" curtains and such! LOL

Can't wait to see what you do with it...and heck, you can always photograph some nice apples in a bowl off to the side or in a tray on the new bed, if you really want it to be about food, right!? I'm psyched! Good luck and have fun! It is good therapy...I'm a believer in that...

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your account of redesigning your bedroom! I understand the importance of making sure to pick the exact shade of paint. Your plan sounds beautiful and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the results of your expertise !

pixxel dust :)