Tuesday, April 7, 2009

early easter greetings…

Lately, there have been many things in my life that has been taking me away from my regular blogging schedule. For this, I apologize to all my readers.
I will be taking a short break to give my attention to details in my life that need attention for the time being.

Today I wanted to take the time to send early Easter and Passover greeting to all my new readers and those that have long supported this blog from day one. I appreciate all your views and more so all your comments. Those comments keep me going.

Feasting on…gluten free pixels will return very shortly with new posts on eating delicious meals from the local bounty of spring and fresh news from the foodie world.

Many joyous springtime holiday wishes to you all…!


Mise En Place said...

Happy Easter!
I love your little bunny on the blog header.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Merci mille fous chêre Lisa, and a Joyeux-Pâques to you, AB's #1 fan...

Peter said...

To take some time off from blogging is sometimes necessary!

When I travel or have other obligations - or pleasures - I will let my PC in peace! Now just back from a trip, I had the pleasure of watching your wonderful illustrations, stories and recepies for something as simple as peas! You make it look so appetizing! This reminds me of some nice shared moments, cleaning and preparing the peas. I liked that!

Come back, when you feel like it! ... and Happy Easter to you as well!

A Brush with Color said...

Yes--Happy Easter to you, Terrie. I hope you get a chance to take it easy and relax some. Those little yellow peeps just always make me smile. They really don't taste very good, but if you put those in front of me, I'll eat'em every time! They just remind me of my childhood and loving them so much. Take care...thanks for the smile.

chez aurora said...

Joyeuse Pâques à toi! Love the little peeps!

Taking breaks is always a necessary part of our rhythms ... and at this time of year it's nice to break out of the indoors and the virtual world to smell the flowers, feel the spring breezes, hear the birds singing, and get caught in the rain! We did have some snow flurries yesterday though!

Enjoy your holiday, my dear friend!


Anonymous said...

Joyeuse Pâques, Terrie,
Have a productive time off from blogging. Rest and relax if you can.
I'll be waiting impatiently for you to return!
Bon courage,

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Just when I finally figured out why I'm not getting emails notifying me of new posts! (I've had to just visit from time to time to see what's new, in spite of signing up.) It's the same old story: I not much of a techie and your emails have gone into my junk mail folder, which I almost never check....sigh....! I've added your address to my address book and should be able to read all your posts in a timely manner.
Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your time away.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Joyeuse Pâques to all my wonderful readers...!
Merci mille fois for taking the time to comment.

I am taking this time away from blogging to be with family where I am needed. When I can I am quietly doing some much needed reseach on eating heathier and gluten-free that I will soon share.

I will even include Alton Browns's delicious recipe for gluten-free choclate chip cookies that I have discovered...but I must test the recipe before I post it.
What a hardship...lol...!! ! !

I hope you all have a wonerful holiday and enjoy your dear families as I will mine.

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful blog here. Just love it. Keep up the wonderful work here.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Merci mille fois Anna, for your first visit and lovely compliments and comments on my blog.
I appreciate it coming from you...
I do so hope that you return soon to visit.