Monday, September 21, 2009

a september sunday...

After seeing the movie last night about my fellow alumni from the Art Institute of Chicago, Georgia O’Keefe, I realized that I needed a breather from my usual routine to get my creative “mojo” working. An afternoon near the water always centers me and clears my mind to see the beauty around me. It was interesting for me to see that Ms. O’Keefe graduated in 1903 and I graduated in 2003… 100 years apart, and yet...
So, if there is any karma there, I could really use it these days, but I digress...

Early Sunday morning, I packed up my little red car and headed east on 95th Street to the first stop going toward the lake, the Beverly Farmer’s Market.

This tiny Farmer’s Market is tucked in iron-gated parking lot that is surrounded by trees, which gives it a country feel and drowns out the noise from busy 95th Street and Longwood Drive. Although small in size, there was nothing lacking about the quality, quantity and diversity of the produce that was on offer here.

The jumbo tomatoes were fresh from the vine, still covered in soil, there were fragrant melons, late sweetcorn with tassels as yellow and silky as Rapunzel’s hair, squashes that renged from the miniature patty-pan to the large beautiful big and blue Hubbard, fresh-picked herbs and at least a dozen of types apples that all begged for attention. Other booths offered fresh baked goods; farm-made cheeses, homemade jams, jellies, tomato and barbeque sauces and sweet and dill pickles whose glowing jewel colors reminded me to get busy with my own canning.

The bright orange of shelves of early pumpkins and crates of multi-colored decorative gourds whisper that in spite of the mellow 78-degree weather, autumn is right around the bend. The gourds that one farmer produced where the most whimsical and colorful on any I had seen so far this year, even at Chicago Green City Market and that is saying a great deal. Needless to say, I purchased quite a few as decoration as well to be photographic subjects in my studio.
After I completed my purchase at the Farm Market, it was still too early for my planned lunch at Calumet Fisheries. So I took this opportunity to take a short tour of historic Beverly architecture focusing on Longwood Drive. The Beverly area is home to Givens Castle and of Chicago’s most exquisite historic mansions and estate properties, rivaled only by Chicago’s North Shore.

Given’s Castle is a replica of a castle from Ireland which was constructed in 1886 when an American businessman, Robert Givens, was trying to convince his Irish fiancee to move to the United States. He had a duplicate of her family castle built from limestone that was hauled from a quarry near Joliet in a horse drawn wagons.
Givens Castle is located at 10244 Longwood Drive, and has been a home, an all-girls college, and is now a Unitarian church and is proudly registered with the Smithsonian Institute as a historical landmark. It also is a highlighted destination of our local Ghost Tours that pass-by this time of year as it has been reported to be haunted.

Set along a hilltop ridge just west of Longwood Avenue, an area called the “hill of means”, one magnificent mansion after another proclaims that Beverly is anything but a typical Chicago neighborhood. Beverly is largest enclave of the architect’s Walter Burley Griffin–designed homes. Walter Burley Griffin and his architect wife Marion were the first employees of Frank Lloyd Wright and well known for his prairie style houses.

But there variety in the styles of these imposing mansions; ranging from Prairie School, Queen Anne Victorian, Jacobean, Colonial and everything in-between. It is also known as the eastern Beverly Hills and this gracious suburban neighborhood is well worthy of its “California-esgue” nick-name.

The sunny picture-perfect skies of earlier had been replaced with a dull grey over-cast ceiling, so I left taking images of these stunning mansions for a more favorable day. I fully intend to return to savor these elegant homes, and I will then share my images of this jewel of Chicago's cultural landscape with you.

As the local church bells rang 12 noon, I headed down 95th towards the lake and Calumet Fisheries for lunch. Since I have previously written extensively about the wonderful food and people at the Fisheries when I posted fast food Friday…Calumet Fisheries this past July, I’ll limit this post to today’s experiences.

As soon as I pulled up to the humble fish shack, the air was redolent of the aroma of wood smoke so delicious you almost wanted to eat it. I ordered the cornmeal breaded fried shrimp that I had been “jones-ing” for as my lunch and some beautiful smoked salmon to take home for later in the week.

I was also thrilled to see that Calumet Fisheries finally had smoked chubs, which were woefully absent on my last visit. Naturally, I ordered several of these to take home as well. The smoked chubs have been a long time fave of mine since my dear dad first brought them home from here one night when he worked nearby on solving a power outage. (He worked for ComEd.)

While my order was being cooked, I went outside to take some images of the urban landscape. I am a sucker for the bridges and water towers that surround the river. As I was photographing, red lights started to flash and alarm bells sounded. The bridge was going up to allow a sailboat with a tall mast that needed to pass under it go by. I know that it may sound silly, but it was kind of exciting to watch this huge bridge “dance” and hold up traffic for this diminutive sailboat.

Once the bridge was back in place, I picked up my order and headed over it to the lake a few blocks to the east. By the time I pulled away, 8 or 10 more cars had pulled up to Calumet Fisheries and people had pulled out camp chairs or were sitting on the sidewalk or in their cars and were enjoy their fish riverside.
I could almost hear all the contented sighs...

Calumet Park is a lovely little pocket of recreational land on the lake that is not well known to Chicagoans. The Park has lovely walking and biking trails, ball fields, a Coast Guard Station, a boat ramp and a small beach with a bright blue beach house.

When I arrived, the lake was beautiful in her moody after-summer garment in colors of a million shades of blues and greens. The strong breezes were refreshing like they had been freshly laundered. The sky seemed to be in a battle between the autumnal blue-grey and golden light of summer as the light shifted eerily ever few minutes. The lakescape’s shifting shapes, colors and sounds inspired me as usual, but food-first…!

Perhaps it was just me, or a trick of the mind, but my shrimp dinner was tastier than ever and I ate more than usual sitting on my fluffy red towel on the sand. I spent many hours at the shore this lovely end-of-summer afternoon. The beach was deserted enough to provide the solitude that I was after for some much needed reflection.

I took enough images to satisfy my creative urges, some good, some mediocre, but some of my lost mojo returned if only for this day. The greens and the blues of the water and the unusual cleansing wind washed through my head and cleared some of the cobwebs.

I collected some lovely blue and gold stones for my birdbath, sat on the still warm sand relishing my delicious food in solitary bites. I walked the slim, long pier to its very end nearly a city block into the lake and felt the splash of the white-capped waves feeling almost a delicious sense of danger as the dark clouds came back overhead. I climbed a grassy hill high above the lake and watched the seagulls in my line of sight winding back and forth, playing happily in an air current only they could see.

My September Sunday where I went from farm to architectural beauty to fishery to lakeshore did not solve all that lay heavy on my mind and heart. However, it was a great way to start to look inward and then to look outward again and discover the beauty that lay just outside my door.

As summer comes to a close, I hope that you all find a day that you can call you own to discover life’s simplest pleasures and undiscovered treasures that will delight you.


A Brush with Color said...

What a thoughtful, lovely post with elegant photos to accompany your words, Terrie. That shrimp sounded delicious. I'll look forward to another post on the mansion, too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! We'll have to put this mansion on our list of things to visit when we're in Chicago area. The gourds from the farmer's market are very neat!

Camera Crazy said...

Oh Terrie, what a lovely post. The images as always are striking and I felt as if I were along for the journey. I do so hope your heart is not quite so heavy after the lovely day you so beautifully described in both words and images.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Merci mille fois, chêre Sue, Natasha and Gail...I was glad to take you on my journey. It was a wonderful cleansing day looking at the beauty that my city has to offer. I am happy that you enjoyed the images as well.

Anonymous said...

With your elegrant words you paint lovely pictures for my mind. As always your photos are fantastic as well.
The shrimp look heavenly!
Bisous, Dedene

Cynthia said...

Hope you have many more such magical days. It's great to give free range to our appreciation of life's simple pleasures. (cliche or not!) I found you at the Phil Lowe blog...great comment there. I also am enjoying Julia Child lately...I saw your books on the sidebar...thanks for the great ideas.

Lo said...

What an amazing day! I have little doubt that the fresh air (and a whole new perspective) gave that shrimp dinner a whole new flavor!

The farmer's market alone often puts me in a better frame of mind, and it sounds like you had a whole day's worth of mind-changing experiences. Thanks for sharing!

chez aurora said...

Thanks so much for treating us to an inspiring and diverse outing in Chicago ... but I must say, it's such a tease to see those shrimp! My mouth is watering! Your photos are always so vivid, as is your imaginative prose.

Hoping you feel lighter, freer and fully replenished now ...

Bisous mon amie xxx


Peter said...

A lovely post, giving such a good picture of what you have seen and done, but I feel especially of YOU!

(Did the Irish young lady ever move in?)

MarathonVal said...

I love your photos!! I work on the south side close to Beverly... I really should make a point to stop by. I'm obsessed with local farmer's markets!!

Also, I'm having a giveaway for a year's subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine, in case you are interested! :)

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Merci mille fois for all these wonderful comments...!

@Dedene...I don't eat fried food very often at all, but these shrimp were gluten-free and as scrumptious as they looked.
A great splurge...

this was indeed a magical day.
Glad that you love Julia, she is my heart, but not everyone's cup of tea...but she does make you love her after a time.

@Lo...welcome to you as well...!
you are correct, a walk in a Farmers Market, fresh air and lunch at the lake was a great way to refresh my heart and soul.

@Barbara...merci mille fois chê was a wonderful and very unusual day that sent me home happy and tired with a bag of beautiful veggies for healthy eating.

@Peter...yes, indeed, the beautiful Irish lady was enchanted by the castle that her love built for her and moved to America to live happily ever after.
Merci, Peter for your always kind and very cool comments. happy to hear from you...merci beaucoup for you kind compliments on my images.
You are so lucky to work in this area. The people are so lovely, as is the architecture.
This Farm Market is quite small, but I was very impressed by the quality and freshness of the produce and the unpretentious, yet very knowledgeable vendors.
Hope that you are doing well with your runs...merci for the heads up about the giveaway...!

Culinary Cory said...

Totally similar to something I would do while living in Chicago. When I would need to stretch my creative legs, I would take a stroll along the lake and find an out-of-the-way market to grab a fun lunch. It almost always inspired me back into the groove.

MaddyLane Photography said...

Very impressive blog Marie-Therese, love all your photos, all so elegant! Well done! Stunning work and creation, bravo! bis

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Salut Cory...sorry that you are not in Chicago...merci for your comment.
But I am sure you have you fave places to decompress where you live.
My mission was a bit more personal.
I pick places like this that are not really known by many as an escape. That is why I wrote about is as it is so very special, but for only a few short weeks of the year.
This area was once quite industrial and now seems almost bucolic. It is a superbe enclave where anyone can be creative and photograph the urban aesthetics of the mundane.
I hope that you take time to see it on your next visit here.
I also hope you go to Calumet Fisheries for some smoked salmon, chub or lake whitefish...yum.

Merci mille fois, chêre are always so very supportive in my work.
Bis encore, mon amie.

Anonymous said...

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