Friday, November 6, 2009

November peas…a simple supper

Unbelievably, my little urban-suburban garden is still producing peas, lettuces and a few last tomatoes. I sowed another batch of peas and lettuces mid-September, and the tomatoes are just not quitting. With that in mind, I decided to make a super-simple meal of probably the last of my autumn crops.

My Novemember crop of peas

I made a package of the Gluten Free cheese ravioli that I bought from Conte’s Pasta. I gently sautéed a few tomatoes and halved peas in a first cold press fruity Olive oil with chopped shallots and garlic.

After the ravioli are cooked through and drained, I topped them with this very simple sauce. I finished my dish with a bit of freshly grated ParmesanoReggiano and a few stings of fresh Mozzerella. A very quick and easy-peasy meal with the last harvest from my urban-suburban garden.

Gluten-free cheese ravioli with November peas and tomatoes

I can't say enough about Conte’s Gluten Free ravioli. I haven’t had ravioli since before I was diagnosed and these were delicious and you would never guess that they were gluten-free.

Conte’s Pasta Company is truly a premier manufacturer of gluten-free ravioli, pierogie, gnocchi, stuffed shells, pasta, and pizza shells. The believe that everyone should be able to enjoy pastas. Believe me, these are the best gluten-free pastas that I have yet to enjoy.


sue said...

God, I wish I could have had this for dinner tonight! YUM!

Phil Lowe said...

I liked this post for its simplicty. The peas look very tasty. I was particulary drawn to the books about olives too. I recall reading one a while ago about an author's search for the oldest olive tree in the world. I will try and dig it out for you - the book not the tree. lol

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

You've done well! Lazy me, I did not plant a fall crop even though the weather failed to deliver its ususal stifling heat. This dish looks amazing!

Peter said...

Your vegetables look so perfectly cooked, al dente, crispy and nice!

Camera Crazy said...

How awesome that you are still having tomatoes--I'm jealous because I could never grow a one! The dish looks yummy as always--you are so ambitious.