Thursday, July 1, 2010

local French

Hello out there…“Oui, c’est moi”… Yes, it’s me…!
still here after a few months on hiatus.

So sorry that I was gone so very long, but sometimes personal “things” take precedence over all else…
yes even food blogging…lol…

I will be back here on a limited blogging schedule of two or three times a month or so.
I hope to bring you delicious images and yummy information to wet your palate for the summer bounty ahead.

Please don’t look here for too many recipes, as this site will be evolving into a more informational and photographic venue. There are SO many recipe-based food blogs floating out there, I wanted this food blog to have a different feel as I restart it after my absence.

However, if I do find a dish that is particularly yummy, I promise to share the recipe with all of you.

I wanted to resume this blog with a photo-stroll through one of my fave outdoor markets, the French Market in Western Springs, IL that is held every Thursday from 2pm to 7pm.

With this romantic history of Parisian Markets in mind, imagine a market that you can visit and be comfortable in any weather.

At this market, you are shaded from the pounding rays of the summer sun and unexpected showers while you shop for your dinner, a fresh loaf of bread for breakfast toast, a trinket for a gift or a stunning array of flowers and pots for your garden.

I came to the market intent on focusing on ingredients for a menu for my Fourth of July feast. While shopping for my “feast”, I came across a few vendors of note.
In particular, I will be highlighting some fabulous PORK, PRODUCE and GARDEN Vendors in an upcoming post very soon.

Meanwhile here is a link to my post last year of My Favorite Local Farmer’s Markets

Wishing all my faithful blog readers a wonderful Fourth of July weekend…!


Camera Crazy said...

A great way to come back to blogging--a farmer's market salute! I do so hope you're feeling well. I'm so grateful that folks that visit our market sometimes go home with a photograph from me to grace their homes.It is really interesting to be on the other side of the camera as a vendor.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Salut chêre Gail...!
I am happy to be back blogging.
I can imagine how you feel as a vendor...there were 2 very talented photographers at this Marche.
However, I was there for the wonderfully fresh food...

icedteaforme said...

sooo excited to see you blogging again....i missed you, i had to share that today i found 3 descoware pans and bought them....then thought of Julia and you......your photos are ART! cannot wait to see what you post next!!!

Happy 4th and a bit early Bastille Day,


~amusette~* said...

How wonderful to see you back in good health and blogging again. Wonderful photos as usual and great to hear that the market is open all year! Be well, dear Terrie & enjoy your holiday feast! :)

A Brush with Color said...


Welcome back! I hope you are feeling well. As always, beautiful photos and food that looks to die for. I wish you the happiest of 4th celebrations. It's good to see you here. Love the great pictures and colors.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

So nice to see you back! Lovely photos remind me that I have not made it to a single market this year! Too busy at work, but have juste retired and plan to stop by this week! Absolutely yummy photos!

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Thank you so much kind ladies...I do so appreciate you very warm welcome back.
Michelle, Barbara, Sue and Jeanette your continuued support to my blog means the world to me, you are too kind.
Please come back and visit when you have time.

Phil Lowe said...

Hey, welcome back TM. Great to see your pictures of the market. All the best for your 4th of July celebrations. Love Phil xx

Culinary Cory said...

Awesome photo stroll of the markets. Your photos are lovely. Welcome back to the world of blogging!

Peter said...

So nice to see you back, with or without recepies!