Friday, September 5, 2008

rainy-day musings...

"Find something you're passionate about
and keep tremendously interested in it...! " ~ Julia Child

It dawned a dark day...a very dark day.
And the dark became rain.
And it rained...
All day...incessantly…in earnest....and with a vengance.
The usually tame creek outside my door became a roaring lion and bounded down to join the turbulent lake in the forest across the road.
My vegetable garden was a soggy marsh filled with deep puddles of mush.

But it was a perfect day to finish the detail painting in my bedroom so it would be dry when the new furniture arrived later that afternoon.
I groggily began work at 5 am. But the work took my mind off the small deluge outdoors.

Inspite of the damp weather, the paint was dry and some of my photography was framed and hung in time for the delivery of the long awaited japonaise-wright-esque bedroom set that I had ordered months ago.
And the furniture came and on time.
And it is lovely and simple and looks perfect in my softly-colored buttery room.
(Images in a few days...)

But my passions for photography and food were calling me.
So out I went to the garden in pouring rain to get peppers to photograph and to eat.

I do so dislike having a day pass without photographing something beautiful to the eye and cooking something beautiful to the palate.

This post will be short as I still have to wrangle the red peppers stuffed with cheeses and spices into the oven and wrestle my mattress on to the new bed so I can crash in style.

Bon week end…!


Camera Crazy said...

How very exciting that your new furniture has arrived and you are pleased. I can hardly wait for the images. My son's girlfriend posted on facebook how glad she was that the rain had finally stopped. The peppers look amazing, all the more so with two different kinds of light. I love the shadow cast by the bowl in the second one.

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, I just love the glistening wet drops on those peppers! Great photos--that last one is so serene and lovely, with the shadows there. Glad you got your painting done and the furniture in--you're "nesting" and that's good! Those cheese-stuffed peppers sound yummy.

Borealnz (Jill) said...

What a beautiful and informative blog you have. I'll be sure to visit often.
Hope the rain stops and the peppers were delicious.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Merci cher Gail...the rain stopped for a glorious week end, but has begun encore...merci for your wonderful comments.

Salut cher Sue...I am just trying to catch up after a working week end. I hope your travels will be fruitful and as pleasant as business travels can be...
Will post the cheese-stuffed recipe soon...i have lovely purple peppers I want to try in this recipe instead of red ones.

Welcome, Jill...merci beaucoup for your visit and you are welcome here whenever you have time.
Merci encore for your kind comments on my new blog.