Thursday, October 30, 2008

ancient soul food

I remember more dearly autumn afternoons that lay intensely silent
under old great trees. ~ C.S.Lewis

Today our autumn weather turned balmy and beautiful.
I put aside my chores and cares and walked for hours around the grounds of Graue Mill and along the trails near beautiful Salt Creek.
I come here quite often, to walk, to dream, to think, as this area is very beautiful on any day of the year.
But on this soft autumn afternoon, with red and gold leaves ablaze, taking this walk is a brilliant experience…one to remember.

I came upon the set of ancient millstones or Buhrstones that have ground corn and other grains for decades. These beautiful and ancient buhrstones are set outside of Graue Mill as a reminder of times past and the work these mighty stones had done to nourish this community.

I had walked over these humble stones a hundred times...maybe more…

I have sloshed over them in spring rain puddles,
stubbed my toe on the moss that grows around them in the summer
and totally ignored them when I trudged through the snow that buried them in a foot of winter white.

But today...the low autumn sun perfectly showcased these treasures and I saw them I had never seen them before.

I was in awe.

There was a subtle but a sublime beauty in their textures that whispered of their labor.

In the past, these simple stones helped to feed the people of this community.
This day, these ancient and beautiful stones fed my soul.

P.S. Joyeux anniversaire, dearest mama…


A Brush with Color said...

Beautiful photos here, Terrie! I loved your description of it and could feel your love of place...and I was touched at your last note to your mother...moving post! Thanks for sharing it with me. I did get your moo's and they are all so lovely! I really appreciate your sending them all to me. I'll cherish them!

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Ahhh...merci mille fois my dear Sue...a million thanks.
I am so glad that you liked this post as it came from my heart.
Glad the moos arrived at last(lol) and that you liked them.

The note was to my dearest mother-in-law that has adopted me.
She is very close to my heart and is having her 85th birthday.
We are to celebrate tomorrow at a wonderful resto...
will fill you in on the details apres diner.