Friday, October 10, 2008

A… is for apple galette

I love apples all year round.
I routinely carry at least one apple when I go out on photo shoots for the day and always pack a few for any long journey by auto, train or plane. They have always been my go-to food to keep me healthy and safe from any hunger pains that would force me to rely on fast-food.

Autumn at farmers markets, farm stands and even at your local mega-marts is an apple lover’s paradise…so this is heaven for me for certain.This beauty of this fruit is as timeless and classic as Eve and the diversity of its uses in sweet and savory recipes is truly endless.

With my love of apples in mind, I proceeded to go a bit overboard with my apple purchases this Friday at the Farmers Market…
Cameo, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Jonathan, Braeburn, Empire, Fuji, Gala, Ginger Gold, HoneyCrisp, Newton Pippin, Pink Lady and I think a few other varieties filled my canvas bags to bursting.

As I drove home from the market, the sweet apple-y scent filled my little red auto and all I could think about was a delicious apple pie. A sweet and spicy slice of goodness encased in a light and flaky buttery crust. But I know that I am not a master baker, my pie crusts are not anything I would feed to my dog. And if I had a dog, I am certain that he would reject them, too.
I needed a plan…and…I needed a simple recipe to make lovely spicey, apple-y, flaky and light desserts for friends and family.
(And yes fill that pie crave…!)

I searched through the posts of my fellow food bloggers for a simple and delicious recipe I could master for using all my apples. There was always inspiration to be found amongst these talented and generous people.

Et viola…!
I came across a wonderful recipe for an apple galette from Nicole at Pinch my Salt. She had just posted a simple and delicious looking recipe that I just knew would satisfy my cravings for apple pie…and it said it was NO FEAR…I was hooked.

I made several small individual apple galettes using the recipe apple galette: the no fear apple pie from Nicole’s blog. The recipe directions were easy to follow with clear images that illustrated the whole process and foolproof, even for me.
And the results…the results were not only very delicious, but beautiful.

The dough in this recipe produced a light and flaky crust and the scent of the apples and cinnamon and nutmeg (the only addition I made to her recipe) perfumed my home for hours and gave it a warm and homey feel that cool October evening.

During this lovely season of autumn where apples are abundant, inexpensive and just simply at their beautiful best, I encourage you to buy some apples, as many as possible and try this wonderful recipe…and share the results with those you love.
But save a slice or two for yourself for a bed-time snack with a lovely cup of tea or ice cold glass of milk…your choice.

(Merci beaucoup, Nicole…Pinch my Salt for your wonderful recipe…!)


Nicole said...

I'm so glad you tried it! Your results are gorgeous!! :-)

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

All because of you........

Merci beacoup, Nicole...!

A Brush with Color said...

Sounds delicious! I love doing that kind of baking--and you're right--nothing like the smells you described to make a cozy home. Now I'll be homesick tonight!! I'll have to try it when I get home! Great photos. As always!

Camera Crazy said...

I can hardly imagine you are not good at baking Terrie--you are undoubtedly being too hard on yourself. Bruce's breakfast when he is in town is always a large apple although they are not cheap here. They cost upward of $1 each which saddens me. I'm afraid that most folks forgo the apple for breakfast and go to McDonalds for the dollar menu to fill up contributing to the scourge of obesity.

Camera Crazy said...

me again--I love images of apples in a wooden bowl.