Thursday, May 7, 2009

my May markets

It’s May, and this foodie-girl’s fancy turns to Farmers Markets.

I love the bright colors of fresh picked veggies, fruits and flowers; the wonderful rich aromas, the energy of the crowds, the interesting stories of the growers, the camaraderie in knowing we all love and appreciate the work that has brought this beautiful food here, and most of all capturing these images with my humble camera to share with all of you.

As I wrote here last year…
I am not a morning person…
Never have been.
Never. will. be.

But from May to October, there is just one thing that will get my sorry, sleepy bod out of bed…the promise of a visit to one of my many favorite Farmers Markets.

The Farmers Market are starting to open here, one after the other. Beginning to offer early their spring delights.
In an effort to get organized, I began a list of some of my favorite Markets to visit and I wanted to share my efforts with all my blog readers.

This is indeed not a complete list of Illinois Farmers Markets. These are just the markets that I frequent. Here is a link that have more Markets listed, perhaps in your area of Illinois.

Throughout the season until October, I will be featuring my favorite Farmers Markets and local growers as I visit them.

Please feel free to comment and tell me about your favorite Farmers Markets.
Be sure to include the pertinent information, (cross-street location, town, days and times that are open). I would love to hear about your likes and dislikes of your local market and your experiences there.

If you are living in other states and countries other than Illinois, USA, I really want to hear from you, too.
Sharing information about your favorite weekly Markets in the areas that you live, be it London, Paris, Rome, small town or large city, anywhere in the entire world. It would be so wonderful to hear about and will benefit other readers of this humble blog.

Merci beaucoup in advance…!

The post directly following this one will list of my favorite local Farmers Markets near my home here in Illinois.


A Brush with Color said...

I love farmer's markets, too, Terrie! these look like great fun, and the food is always so fresh and delicious. Great photos! Enjoy! I know what you mean--I, too, would get up very early even on a Saturday for a good farmer's market!

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Merci mille fois, Sue for your visit, comment and compliments on my images...the light seems always to follow me to markets.
Looking so forward to the weeks ahead when I can do a market each and every day.

Happy Mother's day to your dear friend...!

icedteaforme said...

I have to share the excitement I have that our local farmer's market begins tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2nd.....I will be taking photos and buying too much as usual, Here in South Lake Tahoe, California, elevation 6500ft above sea level in the sierra nevada mountains, our growing season is super short and the "off the hill" growers are few but we are grateful for the farmer's market and the bounty of fresh from the earth items!
last year we had the best farmer's market ever, larger variety, a cheese store came from placerville and sold gourmet cheese from around the world, we had a month of a restaurant fish monger selling his wild caught abundance, local honey, wine and olive oil, an indian food vendor, salsa girl, pottery artist, basket maker and bread baker....hoping this season has a nice mix in addition to the fruits and vegis!